Creating drop caps using CSS 

Large letters spanning multiple lines at the beginning of paragraphs, as shown here, are known as drop caps ordropped initials. Dropped initials were commonly used in medieval manuscripts, with highly decorative forms — such as inhabited initials, which contain human or animal figures — found in illuminated manuscripts. Drop caps can be created easily using […]

When Online Content is Stolen 

Use the power of the social media to spread the word. If he does not allow comments to appear on his sites, then you can bring the conversation out in the open. The site-owner may try to wriggle out by saying that he was not aware or that it was one of his authors doing […]

7 Events for Google Analytics 

You’re a busy marketer; it’s likely that you’re keeping tabs on more than one Google Analytics account, and that’s just a small part of your job. Manually tracking important fluctuations in your data, like a big boost in traffic or a huge drop in conversions, would mean your eyes are glued to your account 24/7. […]