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Convert all files from a directory

Read all files from a directory and convert them.
You can choose if the result of the conversion gets only displayed on the screen or if you want to modify the source files. By default backups of the source files will be created before they get modified. A search pattern can be defined to restrict the search for source files to a certain file suffix.
Convert a directory
File pattern
The only recognized pattern is "*". Use "," to seperate several patterns.
Examples: "myapp_*.php", "*.php", "*.php, *.php4, *.phps".
Skip pattern
Enter . to skip files/directories that begin with ., or a full match pattern passed directly to preg_match (so include delimiters)
-- leave empty (the default) to not perform this skip pattern.
Update files? No
Backup files? Yes, backup the original files to <name.org>